production office of music design

☐Fuji Television Network / Series - aka to kuro no gekijou - "obasan lawyer [machida tamako]" / comp. arr.

Mayoral election of kitakyuushu 2015 / theme song feat."sayaka shionoya" / comp.arr.& mix

☐International Art Exchanges / Children of Japan and Bhutan - Theme "With My Dragon" / comp. arr.

☐original motion picture "meet the Picolos's mother" Title Theme / orchestra arr. / & music in the play

   / additional orchestra arr. prog.

☐NHK BS Premium / "Cosmic Front" Rec.Session 2013 &14 / comp. orchestra arr. ambient design.

☐TV Tokyo / "great masters of art" theme song (2004-05) / arr. prog. mix

☐Pod Cast - TBS "Jounetsu-Tairiku + P" Theme / comp. arr

☐JT "Philip Morris - Parliament" / PR Motion Picture / comp. arr.

☐TV Tokyo / Drama 24 "guren-onna" / comp. arr.

☐original motion picture "AIR" / End Title Theme / arr. prog.

"Miffy Christmas Gift" -king record- / arr. prog. mix.

☐Drama CD "Tales of Vesperia" "Tales of Graces" "Clannad" complete "AIR" vol.3,6,7,8,9. and etc.. / comp. arr.


   and more...


partial work list

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